Anyone see Dr 90210 get tooled?

I don't know if that was a re-run or not, but dam that was funny. He started throwing some faggy kicks at who might have been Rorians son, and he got tooled. He even said, This guy doesn't look to scared of my kicks.

Then at the end he said he will not quit until he gets his blackbelt. Good luck dude, stick with the titties.

I saw an episode with him wearing a Gracie JiuJitsu shirt. Meanwhile, I think all he does is Tae kwon do.

I saw another episode where the guy I'm assuming you're talking about (hopefully there aren't too many pussy-assed TKD enthusiast plastic surgeons who don't STFU about how much they love being monogamous with their so-so wife) "fighting" in a tournament, against some big Magic: the Gathering enthusiast/retarded biker looking guy. there was quite a size difference, but uh...yeah. they weren't really fighting. Didn't stop him from acting like he was fighting the hydra or some shit.

Did the article mention that the passenger he subdued was 80? The man is a tool.

Isn't he taking TKD one day, Capoeira another day, kali, and BJJ all spread out through the week?

Some of it looked like Inosanto's school?


Last thing I heard was that he was training at the Gracie Academy in Torrance. He is wearing a Gracie shirt, cause he started BJJ.

He started in Tae Kwon Do and worked for and got his Black Belt. Then he got a Black Belt in another TMA style and wanted to branch out more. He'd heard of grappling and clinch fighting and close quarters combat so he's now taking Gracie BJJ and Krav MAga. In a recent episode they showed hi going "live" with his Krav Maga instructor and he was dominated. The cool thing was that he knew it and said that he now knows he has a lot to learn about real world fighting instead of studying just an art.

J. R.

Okay, here is the story with Dr. Ray. His show shot the Gracie segment at the Torrance Gracie Academy. Dr. Ray has his BB in TKD. He got tooled by Rener Gracie on the show after throwing some front/spin kicks which were ridiculous. Rener waited until Ray finished with his theatrics and then twisted him into a pretzel rather easily.

Rener is one of Rorion's sons, yes, and instructs at the Academy.

BTW, the camo GJJ shirt that Dr. Ray wears on that episode is a t-shirt, not a muscle shirt. Dr. Ray tore the sleeves off. He also has his scrubs altered to be muscle shirts. Such a dolt. Don't worry, no one takes him seriously.

THe funniest thing about it was after he threw those kicks Rener looked at him like, ok is this guy done or what?

Rener has the video on his myspace page.

Here's the airplane incident.

Training is always good...but he is definately much better at sticking baggies into boobies and hacking off floppy labia than he is at any martial arts.

It was not the subduing of the 80 year old man, it was the idiotic comments immediately afterward that cemented him into "tool for life" status.

Yes, it is his douchbag way he presents himself.

Is this the plastic surgeon who bleached a porn star's asshole on one episode?

His wife is ugly, and his suits, among other things are gay.

I've seen the show a few times, and he doesnt come off as being that bad...actually seems like a pretty nice person.

Gotta give him credit for trying out bjj, and having the resolve to want to stick with it...especially after it proved that all of his hard work and dedication in karate was pretty ineffective.

How many people on the UG actually train? I bet there are a large percentage that do not.

he was on adam carollas show and the dr kept threatening to choke him out and show off his bjj

i would have loved it if adam just straight up KO'd him to show off his boxing

Well he is Brazilian afterall!

Im sure everyone here was a subbing machine on the first day of BJJ class, lord knows i was ; )

PS- IMO, it is incredibly lame to make fun of someone on the UG who is training at your academy.