Anyone see NYBAs wrestling debut?

He said on the mma roasted podcast that this will be closer to a shoot fight then wrestling. Any gifs or cliffs? Phone Post 3.0

Baroni (15-18), who at one point was linked with a singles match with Wanderlei Silva on this show, participated in a tag team match. Baroni teamed with former UFC fighter Justin McCully (11-5-2) against Kazuyuki Fujita (15-10), the former Pride star who is now one of the top stars as a pro wrestler with the IGF, and Shinichi Suzukawa, a former sumo turned pro wrestler who also has a 1-3 record as an MMA fighter.  The match ended when Fujita beat McCully in 7:52 with a grand cobra twist, a move similar to the old-school pro wrestling abdominal stretch.

Fujita is the man.

Ttt for vids

Best Eva

In for vid Phone Post 3.0