Anyone see the Superbrawl infomer?

Last night at about 2:30 am on Spike TV Superbrawl had a 30 minute infomercial.They were advertising DVD's of a Best of Superbrawl for 19.95 and then you got 2 bonus disc's,another Superbrawl disc and a Tito Ortiz takedowns disc.

They had some playmate hosting it and they did short spots on Matt Hughes and Tim Silvia that were pretty good,and they talked with Roger Huerta and Ryan Schultz(sp?)

But other then that it had a girls gone wild vibe to it,they kept showing clips of KO's and exchanges and they threw in some cheesy sounds effects for the strikes.

Anyone else see this and what did you think?

I thought the infomercial sucked but I want to see the event where Cabbage fought Eilers and that's the event they were at.They made it look like a bloodsport again.

They did make MMA out to look like backyard wrestling or something.

Did they use the same guy who does the girls gone wild videos?It sounded just like him.

MY black and white tv just called.......

Part 2 is coming... this time, Roy Jones Jr. is going to be the host, replacing the Playmate.

This was marketed to non-mma fans, although quite a few familiar names also purchased the videos.

DAmnit Jay why am i the last one to be informed of these things?!?!?

Hey Monte-when is the next show at the Medina?

Very good move IMO (to reach non-MMA fans)

I'll bet many of them jumped right on it!

And even for the "seasoned MMA fan" Eilers/Cabbage and Shamrock/Lober, is well worth the $20 alone.

EXCELLANT marketing strategy!!


Yes........but it was a war!

As I have said before... whether you like the marketing strategy of not, this venture is reaching tens of thousands of non-mma fans. It runs on a national schedule just like Girls Gone Wild... and who hasn't heard of them?