Anyone see the Trigg interview?

He taks a lot of shit about Hallman crying like a little girl. It's funny how he considers the 170 class consists of Him BJ and Hughes then a huge drop in talent.

Can't wait to see Hallman choke him unconscious.

Where is this interview?

I think it was on sherdog. It's a 3 minute video interview. He says there is no contraversy to the 1st fight. It ended with his hand in the air and Dennis lying in his corner crying like a little girl.

What a dong. Dennis will finish what he started at WFA.

Trigg is my #1 hated fighter. He has the most piss poor attitude of any fighter out there, and it's not an act. I love watching him lose, but his losses apparently don't humble him enough.

Trigg's cool. He got manhandled by the superior fighter in Hughes, but he'll mangle most non wrestlers still.

Hallman may have his number though.

No offense but how can you rank Hughes ahead of BJ? Or Trigg ahead of BJ? Isn't BJ the champ at that weight class?

Hallman will sub Trigg.

Good chance for both to get back in it.

Trigg talks ridiculous heaps of bullshit. Completely delusional comments from him no longer shock me.

I'm sure my opinion of him would not change if I met him. I do not think badly of him as a person, as a fighter being interviewed I think he sounds retarded.

Claiming that there is no controversy when a guy gets a nut shot and cannot continue is retarded. Who can be proud of that victory?

I seriously doubt he "knows" he can beat Hallman.

:D hehehe Don't you just love Trigg!!!!!

"Shit that looked like a goddamned sparring session for Matt Hughes."

I dont agree, up to that point he had done the best against Matt. Until the choke Trigg doing VERY well.

I havnt seen the WFA fight but from what I read hallman was handling trigg before the nutt shot.

"Shit that looked like a goddamned sparring session for Matt Hughes"

Huh? That was a very competitive fight, while it lasted.

I almost hate the fact that matt beat him so fast. I wanted to see matt pound the shit out of him for 5 straight rounds...

Hallman by submission.

CharlesFFA/AFA has read a lot of the correct.

Trigg will win this one

Trigg has too much glass in his chin to ever be champ.

Sakurai put him on queer street with a jab, that Sakurai threw while he was walking backwards.