Anyone seen Bruno Frazatto Vid?

Nogi & BJJ Super Techniques by Bruno Frazatto DVD

They have it at budovids. It's like the old Cobrinha japanese version.

It's excellent, although it is all in Portuguese and Japanese.

thanks, andre. I really like his half guard and de la riva. does he cover that stuff well?

Just got the Raphael Mendes video from the same producers - less techniques but some good sweeps from Reverse De La Riva. Brunos DVD was very good as well, but Cobrinhas DVDs are my favorite from this producer.

it's awesome no english tho

Tyler you need to share the love with some of these instructionals. I will not endorse the "tyler guard" until you do


I don't mind the no english, i just want good techniques, unlike the rani yahya dvd.

i liked it, havent seen it in a few months but i need to get back to it. some good stuff on there