Anyone seen dune?

I recently got HBO Max and dune is on here. I know a remake is coming this year so I’m going ahead and watching the old one. Any fans on the OG? Any thoughts on the remake?

It’s ok in an 80s-nostaligic way, but doesn’t follow the book closely & is not a very good movie overall. Definitely worth a watch if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t read the book, the original movie may turn you off from being interested in the new one.

I had a VHS tape of it as a kid. We only had 3-4 movies on VHS back then, so I probably watched it 20+ times.

As said above, diverges from the book in almost every way. Book is awesome.

New movie shows promise. Great director.

I watched it a few months ago (again). I like some of the scenes, but the movie itself has not aged well, for me anyway.

Denis Villenueve (or however its spelled) has made some of my favorite movies, so I am very hopeful about this new version.

Not good but worth watching

Sorry, but I am a huge fan of this movie.

Read all the books and do not care if it diverges.

LOVE this movie. Book is great too. So are the old RTS video games.

seen it many times. really enjoy it. read the books as well. ultimately it’s probably the best adaptation you were going to get of a book like dune at the time it was made.

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I’m not even going to waste my time seeing the new one if it’s rated PG13, especially if it’s supposed to be more accurate to the book.

Ya, if Sting isnt in it, count me the fuck OUT.


and don’t believe the hype about jodorowskys dune. it had the potential to be better, but jodorowsky is nuts and i don’t think he would have done the book the justice a lot of people thought he was going to do.

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I’m just shocked that Jodorowsky is still alive, love his movies, especially El Topo & The Holy Mountain.

For its time it wasn’t bad, they tried to fit bits and pieces of the book series by morphing them together iirc, now its lacking but in the 80s it was fairly legit, did not age well though.

The new movie is apparently only half the book, with no guarantee at all they’ll make the second half.

If unseeing it before watching the new one were a choice, I’d take it.

yeah i just read that after reading this thread. what an absolute dumpster fire. i have almost zero interest in watching the new dune now knowing it’s not the full adaptation we were originally told it was going to be.

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