Anyone seen this before?

This is something I came up with in training. I was doing a pre-fight interview and they thought it might be interesting for me to teach something instead of the standard talking heads.

There was some chatter about taking old moves and just re-naming it, but I've never seen it anywhere else. Has anyone else?


Picture where I'm attacking an inverted arm bar from the same position.

nice thx for sharing

 Nice! Thanks for sharing!!

Glad you guys enjoyed it!


Curious if this is a McD original

 I've never seen it before. I usually use that position to set up a choke. I like it though. It will give me something else to try and looks like fun.

Saw this setup and choke from Judo some time ago, altho slight difference in where he started facing the guy grabbing the single then he transitioned to the right angle. Still nice tho.

"Ude-hishigi-sankaku-gatame" ("triangular armlock") and I can't pronounce it either. P. 130 in the Kodokan Judo Handbook - should be the same page the book goes generations without changing. They they only show the armlock version. The set up -and the slick knee bar option -That is all your's bro! You have smooth technique.

Just took 2nd look at the knee bar option. That is REALLY slick and a very likely response from an opponent. I would be thinking the same thing as an escape attempt. THank YOu for the post. Great video quality and explaination. Thank You again!.

old judo transition/position, glad you worked it into your game and made it your own.

Nothing new under the sun I suppose! It's old enough that it's new again and surprises almost everyone.

I never like having an attack without knowing all the possible defenses as well. Does anyone with some old-school Judo knowledge have a counter to the "Ude-hishigi-sankaku-gatame" (thanks truehonor)

 As far as a counter goes, I'm not super good at explaining things through typing but I will give it a shot. If i was the person in turtle, I sometimes grab the leg and move my right knee a little behind the person and try to knock them over into side control. I try to use the side of my body to knock them over so I am on top in side control. When I grab the leg I only grab it with my hand so if my move fails my arm isn't super tied up with their leg.

I love that position. Nice to see it get some love in bjj. Phone Post

I play with this position a fair amount, with the different triangle variations and armlocks, and the kneebar actually, but i set it up from the back, or from a kimura/armbar position that i play with, not from the turtle.

fun stuff.

I'll be trying that entry.

Marcelo Alonso (Carlson BB) gave a seminar at our school about three weeks.

He actually taught that same technique.

Turtle Guard?


Similar judo turnover from turtle and can be used when the opponent is flat with slight hand positioning change. Kashiwazaki video below at around the 2:02 minute mark. When the opponent goes flat you grab the back of the right sleeve neear the right elbow and pull up since you get get your right hand under to grab the right gi collar

You modified it without the gi and grabbed the inserted leg with your other hand before you rolled. Much more difficult without the gi and nothing to grab to open "uke" up unless he grabs your inserted leg. Thanks.

Thanks guys, I'll take a look at the defenses! I've got a wrestling background, but the more I learn about Judo the more I like it.