Anyone sign up for BJJ Legion?

Seems like a pretty good deal. Help the company spread the word of the company and they hook you up with a bunch of free gear and discounts. If anyone has any feedback please post it here.

Some of the gear is pretty sweet. I like the Dumb and Dumber rash gaurds. Also, they have one of the best deals on single weave gis I've seen (on sale $68 right now)

Absolutely a great idea. I am a BJJ Legionnaire. Just using email, FB, word of mouth, etc youare able to get free gear and discounts on items... Check them out. Also, now on

Thanks for the info

I signed up.


Do they have bars like the American Legion?

WTF is with this guy's hair?

They carry our GI's and some of our other products. Some of the best deals for there members.

Im A Ninja - WTF is with this guy's hair?

That hair pure awesome. Let's do this!!!