Anyone sleepwalk?

Or have family members that do?

I saw my wife sleepwalking once, but I didn't realize it until the next day.

I was working on a project when I saw walking past the study. I asked her what she was doing up at 12:30 am, and she was like whatever. We talked for about 2 minutes before she went back to bed, but she had no memory of it the next day. Kinda creepy but also funny. Who knows how many more episodes there were but went unnoticed.

Yea man hahaha....

And now my 8 yr old daughter does. Shits hereditary. Lol.

I once slept walked into my older brother's room when I was 11 and he was 17 and I put my hands around his throat as if a choking motion (according to him), and he punched me on the face HAHA...i kinda remember waking up so confused and he was calmly telling me "goto bed man"...

He then trolled me the rest of the week saying I tried to grab his cock....i felt really gay and then he finally said he was fucking with me, but I was still a creep for trying to strangle him.

My daughter sleep walks after big events.

Examples are swim races or long trips.

After he one race...she slept walk down the stairs and placed all of her damn dolls
On the dining room table as of they're having dinner.

We woke up next day and the wife was like "the fuck is wrong with our kid?" Hahaha

Another time I slept walk into my parents basement and my brother was with his friends drinking and shit, and be said I asked them if i want to play Desert Storm on Genesis and kill things.

His friends were dying like "wtf?" And I was escorted back to brother said I had something wrong with me....i think i do since I am a night shift peep lol

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In for stories!

ttt for stories about your girlfriend peeing in the living room or your kid standing next to your bed with a knife in his hand!

I’m actually sorta infamous in this regard among my friends and family. I once walked down two full flight of stairs dead in my sleep when I was about 6 or 7 into my living room where I turned on the lights while my mom and Dad I guess were fucking and they realized I was still asleep before they screamed or woke me up somehow. They woke me up slow and helped me back to bed once they dressed. Or so I was told. I don’t have a memory of it. They told me this story once I got older but I never laugh it just grossed me out.


I’ve also eaten in my sleep. But I don’t wanna bore everyone that probably doesn’t believe me by this point anyway.

I sleep dragrace actually. I have a 20-5 record for the 1/8 min normally aspirated engine but I don't ever remember racing... Or where I garage my rail. Weird isn't it?

My brother Dale and I both sleepwalk pretty bad sometimes. 

Yes . I pulled the pin on a sunbed when I was 8 sending it smashing to pieces all over they bed, then got back in bed with the glass. I was only 8…

In the past I have frequently woke up on the couch when I remembered going to bed. My ex said I do weird shit, and talked too

My most recent for a while was I smashed my shins on my metal bed frame. I couldn’t work out what the fuck had happened, they was bright black with torn skin, so fuck knows what I did, probably got up for a piss or something, but I checked my shins against the frame and it was a match.

I had two live in coworkers in the past I had to pre warn I might do weird shit when I’m asleep. My stupid brain always wants to sleep on the couch…

Not in decades, thankfully. I used to scare the shit out of my roommates from having night terrors and running through the house.

Never a history of it, but one time when I was a teen I fell asleep watching TV late at night and woke up in my bed with no memory of how I got there. I had shut off all the lights like normal and went down a flight of stairs and went to bed.