Anyone speak portuguese? (vid)

Some interviews for UFC on Fuel 10 - if you could transcribe that would be great.

I will not transcribe everything because it's a long interview, full of unimportant things.
Basically says that he is happy to fight in Brazil again, last time was in 2006.
He would prefer to fight a foreigner, not a brazilian, so the crowd would not be split.
He is prepared and feels comfortable to stand against Feijao but he doesn't care where the fight goes, he fights standing and on the ground.
He didn't like Feijao's comments about not being his friend because he always respected Feijao and treated him nicely. He doesn't like to talk trash before a fight but now he is angry and is going to shove that in Feijao's face during the fight.
He feels a win will put him between the top fighters at LHW and that now he is unstoppable.
He feels that Weed is not a PED and should not be banned, but it doesn't matter for him now because he is not smoking anymore.

Wow thank you... can you do the other two? You rock.