Anyone still doing no fap?

Had two long runs with it in the past.

Currently on day 7.

Mostly doing it for concentration and limiting distraction. There is kind of a snowball effect where you start scrolling through IG fitness reels, then on to other nonsense, then watching more porn. Mindless distraction throughout the day.

Trying to stay more focused and work on some personal projects and keeping my head crisp and clear.

In the past I felt more focused and redirected that wasted energy to fruitful ambitions.

On day 7. Nothing too difficult. Nothing great to report.

Many still doing this?


No. It’s fucking weird and unnatural.


Was slow stroking and edging for most of the day. Does that count?



I do’t see anything weird and unnatural about exercises in self control.

Like, currently? I’m currently 26…minutes in.


This is a great exercise for BETA men that don’t even need to have self control.
For ALPHA men we either rotate a harem or have frequent copulation to simulate the rotation of women we lust for per our evolution from the caves.

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I want to watch, but I am not going too.

trump fake news GIF


Periodic exercises in self control and discipline have always served me well, especially when you have goals you want to get done.

They help you increase productivity.

NoFap, waking up at every day, eating a plant based diet, etc. I have done all of these for periods of time that took a lot of discipline as exercises and it has always helped me refocus and stay goal oriented when I had something I wanted to accomplish.

Otherwise my life could devolve into cigarettes, booze, and jerking off in a flash.

I don’t buy into all of the hype you see on Reddit. I think most of what they experience comes from having a little discipline rather than not jerking off, but I do think it is beneficial to give your dopamine receptors a break and practice the act of re-channelling energy from unproductive acts to productive acts.

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Yes I’ve mastered it, I don’t fap, I get the ladies to handle that for me. Problem & solution. Enjoyed a 1 hour slow fap courtesy of a gorgeous past weekend. The ladies love to play with the D, and the longer they take the bigger the blast.

How’s it going OP? Did you succumb?

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“Forgive me Lord, for I am only a mortal man.”