Anyone still like Tank?

He is still my favorite. All the trash talk, and usually there was a very one sided victory in his fights, whether he or his opponent won.

You like one-sided fights?

A brutal beatdown is my favorite kind of fight.

yes and Kimo

he did alot for the sport and the tough guy image will always be associated with him

LOL at you.

worst investment in zuffa history. another one of joe silva's brilliant ideas.

his three fights in that contract ended in a total of a around three and half minutes.

no heart, no skill, no cardio, no respect for the sport.

Funny you mention that. I got a kick out of KKM, but never thought I would be accused of actually being him.

Always colorful and a UFC legend

i still like him and would love to see him fight again

Never liked him.

Always loved Tank, but was not happy to see his 'comeback' to the octagon. As much as I wanted to believe he would do well, I felt that the sport had evolved well beyond what he was capable of. The fact that he truly was a warrior and would fight anyone, anytime was something that deserved respect... win or lose he showed up to fight. He will always be one of my favorites because of that.

I love watching tank fight. I read an interview with him and he said that he is starting to take up kickboxing, and that he runs 5-6 miles and even participated in a huntington beach marathon, i think!

I would love to watch him start using his legs or start throwing elbows or knees.

Tank was awesome.

He just doesn't have the body type to perform at an older age like Coleman, Couture, etc.

While I wouldn't consider Tank to be all about the sport...... one thing I wouldn't really question was his heart.

He wasn't an MMA competitor. He was a fighter, plain and simple. He didn't care if he won or lost, he just wanted to fight you and KO you. Either way, he was drinking when all was said and done.

As far as his heart, I don't think it should be confused with lack of skill. Look at his fight against Rizzo. He was gassed, but he kept fighting, although he ended up being KO'd.

Not to mention UFC 6 against Oleg. Tank isn't exactly built for stamina. He's a brawler, and he hung in there for 17+ minutes, exhausted.

I don't want to see him fight against most of today's top HW's. He doesn't have the skill. But I wouldn't mind seeing him up against another headhunter.

He's a legend in his own way......

brian knows his shit. I wouldn't mind seeing older fighters borught back if they are matched with another older fighter. shamrock/tank is long over due. so is goodridge/tank. anyone else think the rule outlawing shoes really hurt Tank's punching game on the feet? I really don't understand the rule because even with shoes on the mat can be slippery, boxers slip all the time. Then add in the fact if you have to fight w/o shoes and your feet get sweaty and the mat gets slippery.

Actually I'd love to see them bring Tank to the broadcast booth.

Anybody who does not give Tank his due as one of the true legends of the UFC has obviously not been following it since the beginning. I honestly think that the UFC would not have survived until today if not for Tank, as he was a huge draw in the early days.I would still LOVE to see him back against another about Keith Hackney?

Tank was never any kind of draw at all. He never drew any real numbers. I enjoyed Tank the first couple times I saw him but grew tired of him after that. I will never forget being ringside for that fight with Ferrozo. I really struggled to stay awake.

I like Tank - he was the fighter that got me into watching the UFC.

But his comeback was not properly handled by Dana White and the powers to be at Zuffa?

Why not toss him a tomato can, at least for his first fight - there are several heavies in the UFC that he could have beaten to a pulp. But they toss him in with Mr. Sub, Frank Mir - STUPID.

Kimo and Cabbage were good match ups though.

i thought his fight with cabbage was good. just cause he lost doesn't mean it was not worth watching. i would like a rematch.

Tank is not a MMArtist.