Anyone still like Tank?

Brian makes some good points,Tank is the reason a good number of people became interested in the UFC. What scenario do most martial arts train for? - "What would you do if a big ol' 260lb bad-ass Stoli-spewing bruiser was coming at you, determined to take your head off?"- and there was Tank, the mythological ogre in the flesh. Full of piss and ready to ruin someones day. The top level fighters found ways to defeat him, many others got torn up. It's no wonder he was/still is popular. It's too bad the sport is that far past him nowadays,and that he lost his last 3 fights which pretty much takes him out of the picture. He will definitely remain an old school legend of the sport, sort of like Ty Cobb.

"I would much rather see Tank Abbott fight anyone than watch any of the current UFC heavyweights fight each other."

You'd rather see Tank than Arlovski?

I would like to see Tank and Wes Sims go at it. Since Tank is 0-3 since his comeback and Sims is 0-3 in UFC competition, it would be interesting to see who would get a win. I would go with Sims because I think he has more heart than Tank.

Tank vs Sims?


I'd rather watch Judge Judy go down on Sally Jesse Raphael...... with Roseanne dildoing herself in the background.

My goal in life is to drink with Tank. After a few interviews he's always drinking and having a good time...and even if he turned on me like a vicious rottweiler and smacked the shit out of me it would still make a good story.

Tank Abbott isn't a top MMA fighter anymore (if he ever was) but the guy is more compelling opening up a bottle of vodka than a lot of guys are just talking. Chalk it up to that weird biker charisma.

Besides, Tank's always got a good streetfight story. On a "Best knockouts" piece I did for Fightsport, he told me about this one time he KO'd a biker in the drive-through of a Carl's Jr. That was about the funniest damn story I ever heard. Tank and his buddy were in his mom's station wagon and the guy pulled up behind them in the drive through and had his brights on.

Tank yells to turn them off. The guy and Tank exchange pleasantries, and the guy comes at Tank in the drive-through.

"He threw a weak little jab..and I hit him with the best right hand I ever threw," said Tank. "I unplugged his vegetable garden." The guy was dropped and twitching in the drive through and Tank realized he better get out of there.

Good times.