Anyone still using windows 7?

I am looking for virus/security software that is compatible with W7. Norton will not apparently since it will not install even though I have a subscription- that’s what they said anyways…
I don’t want to update to W10.
Any suggestion?

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and many vendors. Join the 21st century and upgrade or deal with this shit going forward.

Most likely you’ll have to purchase extended support for legacy operating systems. Sophos I know does that for example.

Is bit defender any good?

I haven’t used it but it has fair reviews. If this is for business you’ll need to purchase the software which means it will need to be supported which means you’ll probably need to purchase extended support.

I do on one of my laptops. Been using Clam open source for years. Very very basic but good enough,.

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My main computer at home is still Windows 7, I use ESET NOD32 for the past 10 years, pretty light on performance and resources.