Anyone surprised by Silvas Chin?

Since the Tito fight where Silva got dropped (many claimed he was briefly KO'd) and the Sak I fight where he was dropped everyone claimed that Silva had a glass jaw. sure seemed that way for a while. He gets knocked down in almost all of his fights. So naturally many people were assuming that if hunt nailed Silva it woudl be ligths out for sure. When i saw the replay of the second round i was shocked at how clean Silva was hit. I mean he was obviously stunned but he survived. Just a bit shocked given his history of being knocked down my fighters who weigh a lot less than hunt and dont hit anywhere near as hard. Any thoughts?

Very impressive imo. Vanderlei is the fucking man.

I like how Hunt tagged his skull with that smashing right hook to the jaw and then Silva went straight to the canvas.

naah, I was more surprised with his lack of a groundgame

silva gets rocked alot, but always recovers. nog has a chin i cant fuckin believe