anyone take andro?

how does it do? what's the best kind that's not a ripoff?

I haven't tried it myself but my brother has. He gained some good size, but turned into a complete a-hole while on it. I don't think its really neccesary. Work Hard, Sleep Long, and Eat Big.

yeah, any test-booster is murder on your personality. I've done test250 before and had a few involuntary "rages". couldn't be helped really.

Would it help your intensity in the Gym?

That's what I need help in.


really? I've had roid-rages just from working out more in general. like I said, any raise in test.

My buddy Kenny is the same way. Any time he works out he gets pissy as hell.

Placebo rage...not roid rage.


Maybe you just have a bad attitute to begin with...

your mother.

and I see toddseney's point was proven.

lol. can't you take a joke?

you guys are the ones with sticks stuck in your ass.

all I said was that any raise in test contributes to higher anger. this is basically biological fact. so go buttfuck each other's righteous asses.