Anyone take courses in UDEMY?

This chick I know shared her login with me and I’m doing a few courses with her.

Anyone have any feedback?

TTT a few hours into the first one. here’s my first code for html

Best option in my experience for online learning.

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Hit and miss, some are good some are amateurish…I would say that most are amateurish but you can’t expect top production quality from home-made course instructors. There’s certainly value to be had especially if you pay at heavily discounted prices (these deals happen often).

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Thx for the feedback

They are available on torrent sites - allegedly


That’s allegedly a good way to find the courses that have good instructors/learning material and avoid paying for the shitty ones. Allegedly.

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A bunch. Ranging from Angular boot camps to Amazon selling to making sushi. Get a course with good reviews and it’s hard to go wrong.

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Some are great, some not so much.

If you only buy them when they are on sale they are worth taking a chance on

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im not paying for it and assumed that was already the truth.

been enjoying

i cant do some of them because of the voice. it’s like nails on a chalkboard for some of these.

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about to start some css intro