Anyone take Krav Maga?

i checked out part of a krav maga class a few days ago and it seemed pretty fun.

even though the instructor was teaching the class some goofy karate kicks, the boxing techniques he taught seemed ok and there was sparring against a human punching bag who just blocked and moved around in a boxing ring.

This has been asked many times (not that I'm insulting you for asking).

Krav Maga is not really a comprehensive martial art. It is a military-oriented hand-to-hand defensive style, developed by the Isreali army that is very argessive and involves using everything at your disposal (weapons, eye-gauging, biting etc.)

My brother was in Isreal for nearly a year and he went to a couple classes.

Many instructors add things to the style that they feel are usefull and as such it's not really a set style.

Where was it at?

it was at the school where arlovski trains.

human punching bag? You mean he worked on his defense and you worked on your offense?


I took Jew Jitsu. I really never had to use it. People got scared of me when I broke out my Jew Jitsu fight stance and started yelling "ILLSUEYOU!!"