Anyone think Barnett would've dismantled Fedor?

I always thought that Barnett would've grapple F'd Fedor. Had Barnett not failed his test, he could've been in place of Werdum and Daniel Cormier would be even more highly regarded right now. Phone Post 3.0

Fedor would of took his soul right after he koed in in the first exchange. Phone Post 3.0

Not dismantle him, but I could see him submitting him from top position. Phone Post 3.0

Too bad josh fucked that up, fan of both guys too

Josh would of crushed him!

Mark Hunt could have submitted fedor at one point. Josh in that position would have finished.

I love me some fedor as well!

Would have been a great match - fedor by ko or josh by sub, dont see a decision in there! Phone Post 3.0

If Barnett were to get a dominant position I think he'd finish. Phone Post