Anyone think MVP has gotten early stoppages??

I like the guy, he's a unique striker and a breath of fresh air, but it seems like a couple of his stoppages in Bellator have come a little too quickly. Bears was clearly rocked, but at least give the guy a chance once it hits the ground.

I seem to remember another Bellator stoppage of his where he dropped the guy, but the ref couldve let it play out but didn't.

I don't think Bellator is bribing officials or anything, but it just seems he's had some quickly-called KO's in Bellator. Refs might be seeing something I'm not, though. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not against his last one, that guy was done. Phone Post 3.0

Considering he was the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, Mario Van Peebles has earned a few early stoppages imo

His 7 second(?) KO win in his debut in Bellator was suspect but if you watch it in slow mo the punch lands on the mark. Could have went on but he would have finished his opponent anyways Phone Post 3.0

Maybe.... Kinda don't think so...but I'd love to see that dude tested in a big show... So much potential to be an absolute killer at the higher level but big holes in his game among the elite.... Phone Post 3.0

Bellator needs to have Page fight ever 3 months.

He should be pushed as one of their faces. People are going to want to see him lose.