Anyone train at Atlanta Midtown Judo?

I'm moving to Atlanta soon and was thinking of training there. I understand Leo White used to teach there but has since opened his own dojo. Both schools have nice websites and look like they have great instruction. Any experiences with either (or other Atlanta area dojo) to share?

I am very familiar with the judo scene in Atlanta and without taking away anything from anyone else, would highly recommend Sensei Steve Alphabet who has a school up in Alpharetta (about 25 minutes north of Buckhead with no traffic). The best technician and teacher I've seen - he recently had his friend Jimmy Pedro teach a clinic at his school. He has many high level and national and international players.

I believe the address is 488 N.Main St., Alpharetta, GA...practices are 7 PM Monday and Wednesday (and other times too - thats just when I go)

Thanks Fat Buddha, I'll check it out. Is that where you train in BJJ too, or do you go elsewhere for that?

Well, I just teach Jiu-jitsu, I don't go to an outside academy. I have a brown belt under Pedro Valente (Helio Gracie black belt) and am also recognized by the Gracie Academy (Ryron and Rener).

Oh, very cool! That's Gracie Miami right? Do you happen to know Luis Quesada? He's a brown belt down there too. Great guy.

Yep - Gracie Miami - moved down there the last 2 years to learn Grandmaster Helio's complete system. I am better with faces than names but if its who I'm thinking about, he's a super friendly guy. I made a lot of good friends down there. Tell him Steve Abood says hi if you talk to him!

the 3 names that seem to come up when I hear talk of atlanta judo is steve alphabet, leo white and bob byrd.

Chris Colquitt is correct

Is that big Cuban guy still teaching with Alphabet?

the thing that is often overlooked in atlanta is that you have to train everywhere to get good training. Judo players in Atlanta seem to have hectic schedules and may train in one place one week, one place the next, etc. It really matters who is at the classes... Either way, you are going to get good instruction at anyplace.... again, there is no better place for anyone... it just depends what your goals in learning and practicing judo is.