Anyone train at Florian Brothers yet?

Has anyone trained at Florian Brothers yet?

I went to visit and it was top notch all around, a little expensive for me though considering im on a tight budget, even though it was probablly a good value.

Both brothers are passionate about training and teaching, and are both super personable.

The place is sweet and is in a super nice neighborhood.

 Place is awesome, super clean, great instructors, cant agree more that the place is indeed "sweet".

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haha, don't tell the Armenians Kenny's not one of them. They love him cause they think he is.

But yeah, I haven't trained at their gym yet, but a few of the other guys from SYT obviously have and I've been by there a couple times. It is REALLY nice and Kenny & Keith are both great instructors. I'm pretty sure they've also got Moos (sp?) teaching wrestling one or two days a week. He's a coach at Harvard and just an unbelievable wrestler making the transition to MMA.

Manny, it's in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Brookline (West Boston, for those not from here). It's a really nice area, plus the gym is like 2 blocks from a Trader Joe's, which is kinda nice.

kenny's parents are from peru.

deedzBJJ - ...a little expensive for me though considering im on a tight budget...

What was the price and plan you were looking at?

ttt for price of memberships