Anyone train at Total MMA in Tustin?

I know of a guy who says he's on their MMA team but I coudnt find anything about him on Google.

Hmm I wonder if its the same guy.. lets see if anyone from the gym itself posts. This guy was claiming he was tough and this and that...

I like skulls

I heart flames

i wanna say edgar or edwin or something like that

Made some references to the effect of "i be chokin fools yo.." but hasnt been training that long if at all i dont think.

Whats up man? I don't recognize the name, possibly could be one of the new white belts taking the NoGi class. Lol.

I am apart of BTT Orange County team which trains @ Total MMA Studios. Our BTT/MMA coaches are Adriano Nasal, Juliano Prado,Bryce Krause (Muay Thai) and Magno Almeida (Fighting for Strikeforce tomorrow).

Our MMA team right now we are building up, we have a few pro's and a lot of guys come down from different spots to cross train with us. We do have a few amateur fighters as well both MMA and Muay Thai. Our school is just about a year old but we have great coaches and some solid guys on the mat!!!

Anyone in the OC wanting to check out our spot are welcome to come down =). Our website is

Thanks Ninja! Does the name edgar or edwin ring a bell? Guy seemed like he would be pretty new if he trains at all. Kept going on about how "cats be gettin choked" and how "he be doin work on fools in da cage." etc etc.

Juliano Prado is BTT?


Good luck to Magnos this weekend Phone Post

Yeah ^^^^ juliano is now part of BTT ... I believe Ray's gym is a part off BTT as well, but he can answer that as well.... Phone Post


Yes TigerMuaythai I believe is now part of the BTT family.


Yes Prof Juliano is a BTT team member.

Im with Skull and Flame MMA out of Pacoima.