Anyone Train in Auburn/Montgom???

Please contact me at:

I will be out there around january for an extended period of time and would like to get some regular training in.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Nelson



I grew up in Montgomery and there's not much selection honestly. There's a Jacare affiliated BJJ club in Auburn that's REALLY solid, though. If you feel like driving to Atlanta you'll find a TON of schools, too.
Montgomery is painfully bad place for MMA or effective martial arts in general. I think Aikido and Hapkido are as good as it gets but I heard someone mentioning an Enshin school near the old JP Tech area (across from Montgomery mall) a few years ago.

There are BJJ schools as well as boxing, thai, and kyokushin gyms in Birmingham. It's closer than Atlanta from Montgomery and I knew a guy that went to Jacare's every weekend from Tuscaloosa.

thanks for the info, TTT for more