anyone train in brazil?

anyone here go on a "training vacation" to brazil?

How were you received by the locals? what level are you at?

tell about the chicks! can't leave that out

yes I went last December, blue belt. Training is awesome and if you are respectful you will be well recieved. Girls are many and will blow your mind. Stay in Impanema and you will be safe. We trained at Brasa w/ Ricardo Viera. Nothing but good things to say about him and his school.


what's your name? I was also training at ricardo's towards the end of december.


You should use your blue powers to search the hundreds of threads on this topic.

Short answer: The locals are awesome. I was blue when I went. The chicks are great, but the tranny hookers were better.

My name is Heath and I was there with five other guys from Phoenix.

Brazil is my favorite place to visit. I normally stay in Ipanema, but visit all over. The people are cool, the vibe is very laid back, and the chicks are the hottest around.

If you need specific info email me.

Watch out for the Adam's apple.

I've trained in Rio (Brazilian Top Team, Nova Geracao & Rocinha Jiu Jitsu). I have also trained in the South of Brazil with (Brazilian Top Team)

All of the places treated me very well.

I was killed within a week of arriving.

Maybe stupid question, but I heard that it can be quite dangerous to go by taxi from the airport because they rip you off/rob you. What is the best way to get to ipanema from the airport?

How far is Impanema from Barra?

"What is the best way to get to ipanema from the airport?"

-A taxi is still the best way. Just make sure you don't pay more than 60 to 70 reis.

Impanema is 30-45 minutes from Barra by bus.

You pay for the taxis at the kiosk in the airport so you don't exchange money with the driver at all. You can still get robbed but it is much safer than flagging one down like you do in the states.

I stayed in Leblon and my hotel got me a driver. Basically, hired him for like 5 hours at a time. Go to Marina Palace and tell them to get you Ronaldo. The guy doesn't speak English but he trains at Gracie Barra and loves BJJ. If I can find his card I will post his contact info.

Ronaldo knows where all the Termas are and every other place a guy would want to go.

TTT heading down in Nov/Dec for the first time.

Apart from Ricardo Viera's place, what academies are in Ipanema? And what about Leblon?

 Went to Gracie Camp.  They kept me happy.

I trained at Edson C. team in Salvador de Bahia! Awesome guys there both of and on the mats! But i thinking of going next summer to eather San Diego or Rio!

Is Ricardo Viera's place the hotest place right now to visit?

went down as a purple in 04 and brown in 05 to Gracie Barra Tijuca. Had the best time of my life. Trained and competed for the Seniors/masters and the school was packed with Black belts. Everyone was great and treated us very well, however we went with our instructor who is from there. I suggest if you know someone from there have them make some contacts ahead of time to let them know you are coming and take care of you. personal contacts go a long way down there.

The woman and the food were the best. You will not want to return. Taxi is the best but avoid using it late at night if you are traveling a long ways through the mountains.