Anyone train in New York?

I am looking to train in NYC since I just recently moved here. I heard Renzo has a school here as well as Fabio Clemente/Marcelo Garcia. Anyone know if they train Judo as well at any of these schools? I am looking to improve my throws alittle bit. Thanks.

Renzo Gracie Academy: 30th street between 7th and 8th. Loads of talent. People train all day. At the start of every class the instructor shows at least 1 take down or throw. In the advanced classes they work alot on stand up.

eraser, where are you in NYC? If you are close to Renzo's, it's the place to be. It's hard to find that kind of talent anywhere in the world.

There are several judo and sambo clubs as well.

The school that I'm in is run by an awsome Renzo BB, Gene Dunn. It's in Brooklyn. We drill takedowns every class.

Renzo's & Roninathletics Ive heard nothing but good things about.

i work in midtown and live in gramercy. so i am fairly flexible as to where i go.

renzo's sounds enticing because of the talent and the fact that they train throws and takedowns. however, i am really concerned by the number of people. when i went to visit last year, there was an insane number of people. to the people who train there, do you find the large class size difficult to train in?

what about fabio clemente and marcelo garcia's? anyone know if they do takedowns there?

The white belt classes at night are packed most of the time. Other than that all other classes are of good size. The more people to train with the better you can get in my opinion. Besides, the instructors there are top notch