Anyone train Kendo...

or Iaido??

I have been thinking about getting into it for a while but there is no where to study around here.

I ordered a book, Kendo: The Definitive Guide and an Iaido DVD this morning in hopes of getting started until I can find someone to train with.

Can anyone recommend anything else??

I ordered a bokken this morning also.

gotgame teaches Kendo ... you can catch him in the Weapons or History forums.

Ogami Itto takes it, too.
I did, years ago. It'd be tough to learn solo, but you could definitely start with conditioning your hands and arms, maybe your feet. There's a long period of blistering you could get a head start on.


kendo is definitely something you really should learn from an
instructor with a group of other students as well. You can't really
replace the sort of group thing they have going in kendo classes. Can
be a powerful experience, the kendo school I used to go to was pretty
full on, the teacher was a state/national champ several times over. He
brought over this huge 1st place banner he won the week before, it
was very impressive and certainly boosted school's morale.

trainedkilla, where are you located? Here's a link listing kendo clubs by states:

Hello! Sorry I have been away. Yes, I do train kendo and iaido. How can I help? The Kendo-USA link has already been posted, and someobe has already pointed out that you can't really learn anything without an instructor. What else can I tell you? I'd be happy to help.

By the way, gotgame = Ogami Itto.

By the way, gotgame = Ogami Itto.I wish I would have known that. I just thought you dropped of the face of the earth.

Dude! I thought you knew.

I was also Millenium Falcon for a month because I lost a screen name bet.

also, kum do is the korean version of the art, in case kendo isn't in your area.