Anyone train w/ Apidej Sit Hrun?

 Just curious if anyone on the forum has ever had the chance to train with the legendary fighter.  If so what did you work on?


Yeah, he's great! Just a beutiful person and a real gentleman. One of my favorite memories of Thailand is wakeing up before anyone in camp was up and walking outside to see Apidej walking around with water and bird feed to give to the birds around camp.

When I trained with him he was real fond of the high teep and elbow techniques. Wanted to be sure that I was realaxing through out the whole round. He told me that I should aim the high teep to come up under the jaw, as I was aiming to kick straight at the front of the face. His way of teaching elbow techniques and combos was awsome aswell.

I have trained with him as well.... (wow it was when Primo and I were in Thailand)

yeop i remember the same thing (Xept i was runnin in the morning

he showed me the hi teep as well (with some mean aspects to it)

and some cool elbow technics ....

I was proud to have trained with him and he liked the Buddha that i was wearing, so i gave it to him and he wears it around his neck to this day....

i cant post pics.... but here's one of me and Apedej



Damn it got hard to post images with this new format......

For the Hyena: 

 As I understand it his kicks were brutal and probably changed the sport and art forever. What did he do that was so different from the fighters of his time?  Is this something we think of as "standard" in muay thai now?