Anyone train with Carley Gracie?

Read Camarillo's book and you don't want to get anywhere near Ralph Gracie. The guy is psycho.

"Clark desperately needs a Brown belt."

It's funny, the purple belt he was wearing looked like it was ancient. Obviously a cool and talented guy though.

Furacao: any idea if Rodrigo is waiting for Carley to promote Clark to brown?

Alley - I think that's the plan. We have a promotion party next weekend and as a current brown I hope to GOD Clark gets his soon.

Clark is a tough tough kid and gives some of his well known family members lots of trouble on the mat.

"Alot of good schools in the peninsula area, monster island mma which has Sal, a black belt under carlson gracie legend clovis silva, Charles Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Rickson Gracie Academy. Might be more... "

While slightly off-topic, if you are looking for a school with a variety of diciplines, Darren Ueyenoyama who recently competed in the North American ADCC trials runs a school out of Fight and Fitness academy. 

If you are looking to focus more on no-gi/MMA, and want to train with some top-notch Boxing and Muay Thai trainers as well, it's a steal at only $89 a month for unlimited training.

What rank does Darren have? Does he have a MMA record?

Firstly, I second everything Furacao said, Clark is a monster on the mat and seems like a nice guy as well.

Anyway, I am just throwing out Fight and Fitness as an option for anyone interested since the original poster mentioned he was shopping around San Francisco.  It's inexpensive, in a pretty central location, and the team over there are a nice group of people.  It is obviously not a pure BJJ school, as Fight and Fitness is an academy started by a group of instructors originally from Fairtex, so the focus there is primarily Muay Thai and Boxing.  They recently started building up a grappling/MMA program with Darren, and they run a mix of classes which run all day from morning until night.

So to answer easy-z, Darren is a purple belt in BJJ, and though he primarily trains no-gi he was a Pan-Am Gold medalist in his Purple belt division this year.  He's been on the grappling scene for a while but took a few years off while he wrestled in college, and in that time he fought and won in DEEP in Japan.  He was recently invited to the North American ADCC Trials where he defeated Mike Easton in the first round and lost to Jeff Glover after a war.  He has defeated the ADCC trials winner Sim Go twice this year, both gi and no-gi.  Very tough and technical competitor.




xpat thanks for the info, I live near SF and was thinking about joing!

hey wassup,

saw some of the fight and fitness guys fight in Guam........

Good Times

who did Darren get his purple belt from? just curious . .

Darren got his purple from Ralph.

Darren got his purple from Marco Nascimento 2 years ago.