Anyone train with Marcelo Alonso?

Does anyone train with Marcelo Alonso? I think he has schools in Seattle and Tacoma- I'm talking about the one in Tacoma. What do you think of it? I may be moving there soon and I'm trying to find a place to train. Thanks.

Marcelo is back in Brazil and from what I heard from one of his Tacoma instructors, will not be back for a while.

Marcelo is a great guy and very knowledgeable. His students, who are currently running the school, are also very nice and very technical. Last I heard Marcelo was in Brazil.

Stephan Kesting

Marcelo Alonso is awsome, It was my first day training at the Carlson Jr. Academy in Chicago, and Marcelo was there doing a seminar, he even took time away from the seminar to teach me and my friends some things... a really nice guy and a great teacher!

He is the walking, living, breathing, encyclopedia of BJJ. I took a seminar with Marcelo, he taught so many moves I'd never seen before, some I still haven't seen taught to this day. He has a lot to pass on to his students.

Where is Marcelo Alonso BJJ in Seattle? I enjoyed training there a few years back and I hear he moved again.


graciegurl is 100% correct.

i trained at marcelo's tacoma and seattle schools. they are great and marcelo is amazing, so knowledgable it is unreal. he is in brazil but is trying to return

check out his website for info, the seattle school is moving to a new location so that info is not up to date. the tacoma academy is still in the same place.


u cant go wrong with ANY carlson gracie, sr. instructors.. they all seem to be world class.

What?! Marcelo Alonso's Seattle place is moving? I've been planning for almost a year how to go to his school one or two days a week! This is not good news. Will he still have a Seattle location? Can you tell me where?

ttt for Marcelo

usurper is spot on...

the carlson sr. instructors are top billing