Anyone Training At MacMaster?

Okay, hate to ask this yet again but...

Is there anyone currently training up at MacMaster? I know that the Grappling club there is no defunct, so is there anyone left up there that trains?

K, passing on word to my friend...

Hopefully I'll be going to Mac next year so I can hang there and go to Joslins.

Theres not to much for training up here in ThunderBay.

Just surprised there aren't more people training out there.

Jay Winger is coming to Joslins!! *jumps around and wails on a guitar*




I used to bang this chick who was in Wallingford hall.

Not that it matters but I did her roommate too.


Rob, I think an A4 will be good.

mac, my alumni...i spent many hours in the wrestling room many are doing grappling now outside of the varsity team?