anyone trainning in jacksonville?

Just seening what schools are in jackonsonville?

Victor Huber- Brazilian guy, I think he's a 2nd degree BB under Royler/Rolker- Gracie Humaita. Heavyweight, supposed to be pretty good too.

There is a Gracie Barra school. They guy is pretty famous for his kids program.

Victor Huber: 2nd degree under Royler. Awesome!

Luiz Palhares: 6th degree under Rickson

Lionel Perez: Black Belt under Relson

Larry Shealy: Gracie Barra Black Belt

I've train with two of them, and watched the other's classes. All good guys. Just find the right fit for you.

All the above schools are good schools. Lionel isn't in town, anymore, but his school is still running strong. A couple others are:

World Martial Arts with Roberto Cuartero
Combat Athletix with Smiley

 Where did Lionel go to?

breakit -  Where did Lionel go to?

I believe he went to the Florida Keys.