Anyone tried ibiza black cube extasy?

They are facking awesome, bro! A guy got me two black cube and two green iphone pills and also some amphetamines (speed). He said that black cubes are super powerful and you just have to take a half. I was just going to test the speed this weekend but it turned out to be shitty so I drank vodka to at least fall asleep and couldn’t. Then it was morning already and I ate a hald of the cube. It is very, very good!

You fapped a lot didn’t you.

I tried to fap on speed and couldn’t. The powder was shitty

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No, haven’t tried that yet…

Yeah I have no clue how to make sex like that. Will probably need a viagra or something

No, but MDMA is still my favorite drug ever.

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Why is that? How often do you use

Not as speedy or questionable as pressed X. Usually just once a year for a few days.

Can you even get pure MDMA these days? Had powder once and it was pretty amazing. Went through you pretty quick (4 hours) and you came out pretty clean at the end.


Not every time, but on occasion. Still have some pink glittery cubes if not.

Molly is good, we got a pretty good batch we split 3-way w friends a while ago and it’s pretty mild but intense.

I sometimes take it to run sex marathons on strange (half a viagra mandatory) lol , taking girls camping and just banging all night back-to-back nights is awesomeness.

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Easy. Check the dark web. You can get it delivered to your door next day like Amazon.

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Don’t go in the dorkweb bruv it’s pedo land

This, I prefer my drugs free range and wild caught, like our ancestors did.

The URL will end in “.onion”

Look into tor and onion routing. It’s not as straightforward as traditional web browsing.

Been a long time since I rolled. I’m in my 30s now. Wouldn’t even know where to look.