Anyone try 8 hour fasting?

You eat 2x a day, around 8hours between each meal.

So in this case he explains everyone eats at 10a and 7pm. I know a lot of you are used to 16-8, 18-6, 20-4 etc. But this might be an easier way with the same results.

“solve 90% of health problems”
Ya, that’s some clickbait bullshit for gullible Maroons. 8 hours shouldn’t constitute a fast

I generally only eat twice a day. Never considered it fasting

Ya its called sleep.


Yeah, I don’t even consider OMAD fasting; I just call it IF because that’s where pop culture is, so that’s what I have to say for people to know what I’m talking about. To me, it’s not actually a fast until autophagy is possible.

& yes, OP, this is clickbait bullshit.

Watch the video before you hate.

What is the science behind 16-8 vs 2 a day every 8 hours? It turns into a 15 hour and 9 hour fast. Does one more hour really matter?

I eat one meal a day. I’d rather have one meal that substantial and eat what I want than have 2 or 3 bullshit meals that aren’t satisfying.

I only eat dinner most days.

No breakfast or lunch.

Weekends I might make breakfast for my family, or take them out for Sunday brunch.
Other than that, dinner only.

Dont people do that every night when they go to sleep? Should that be considered fasting?

but from 7p to 10a is 15 hours so he’s basically doing a 16 hour fast with 2 meals in his eating window and no snacking.

They then end that fast by breaking fast.

I see what you did there