Anyone try Acespade software?

I was speaking to a pro at the wsop last weekend and they told me that this software was better than wilson's. I have never heard of it till now, anyone here have it?

oh, and I meant pro poker player, not prostitute

I know two things about Acespade: 1. They love to spam R.G.P. and, 2. In almost all reviews I've read that compared them to Wilson they came up on the short end.

huh, that is interesting. I will look into it more

How much does Acespade cost?

How much does the Wilson one cost?

Wilson's has two, (I am really only interested in hold em so only listing those progs) Turbo Texas Hold 'em is 89.95 and Tournament Texas Hold 'em is 59.95

Ace Spade has 1. Texas Hold'em Pro 2002
2. Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament Pro 2002
3. Pot & No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament Pro 2002
all for 119.95

so acespade is a little cheaper and you get one more prog.

They both have more software for other games too.

anyone actually have either of them??

well this is supposedly from an independent source, although it is on wilson's site:

I cannot recommend the Acespade Texas Holdem Pro 2002 product on any basis. The play is much worse; the graphics are old; I cannot figure out, much less trust, any of the Advice given, especially since the calculations seem to be somewhat inconsistent or contradictory; there are no worthwhile analysis tools, partially because the limited tools that are available are aggravating to use; and there is no equivalent to the high-speed, high-volume testing that Wilson's Turbo Texas Hold'em 4.0 makes available.

For the quality of play and graphics, the flexible tools and functions available and the general ease of use of the software, I recommend Turbo Texas Hold'em 4.0.

The Wilson Turbo software for Omaha hi/lo really helped my game.

cool good to know savas

I have the Wilson Omaha/8 software too and I like and recommend it. It is nice for running simulations against different kinds of opponents. I've downloaded the demos for the Wilson HE and Tourney software but haven't bought either of them.