Anyone Try Hemp Protein?

What are your experiences with this stuff? It seems like a good protein to take

Looks like a complete protein, has a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3s, has a decent amount of fiber and chlorophyll. No chemicals involved in extracting the protein and mostly no sprays used to rid it of pests

I know Mike Mahler is a big advocate of it being he's vegan. That dude is strong as hell.

i would. Seems alternative (to milk) proteins are fricking expensive though - we've got rice protein & vegetable protein here in Aus...

I'd take it over whey protein any day of the week. Hemp seeds are an awesome addition to nuts/trail mixes, too.

It doesn't really dissolve, so you gotta drink it quick.

As a Vegan, hemp is my biggest source of protein. I use hemp seeds to
make hemp milk (which rocks!) and also on salads and with Quinoa
(another good source of protein). I also use hemp powder for protein

I've had great success with it. I suggest it to people even if they're not

Whats the price comparison compared to milk based proteins Ned? Clearly i havent googled it yet.

I can't really compare prices because I don't know what milk proteins sell
for but a 16 0z can of hemp protein is usually around $15. That will give
you between 15-25 servings depending on how much you use.

I use Living Harvest hemp seeds and protein. I also use Nutiva hemp
shakes which are protein shakes with different fruits, vitamins and
minerals added.

Hemp is a complete protein but when combined with brown rice and pea
proteins you get the optimal amino acid profile.

I add a scoop of hemp protein to the Ultimate Meal and that covers
everything. The Ultimate Meal has everything from Quinoa, Flax
seed,Brown Rice Protein, Yellow Pea protein, Broccoli, spirulina, CoQ 10,
Magnesium, Calcium, Omega 3,6, Vitamins C,E.... and a lot more.

I've been using it regularly for about 5 years and I swear by it. It's a little
pricey but definitely worth it, especially as a vegan athlete it really helps
make sure you're getting all the proper nutrients. I read an article that
Mac Danzig swears by it as well. Other than him and Mahler I don't know
too many other vegan athlete's so that was nice to hear.

how is the taste of hemp protein??? i know u can get it at whole foods

does it get you high?

rolls some protein in paper

Will it make you fail a drug test?

Been smoking da stuff for years...doesn't really add mass or strength directly, but the munchies help pile on the pounds. Side benefit is that i more relaxed when i roll

I love it.

Try Hemp Bread also. You should be able to get it at Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

hemp bread, muenster cheese and some butter make the greatest goddamned grilled cheese sandwiches EVER

It's a good vegan source of protein but in all honesty tastes like crap (very grainy)

Hemp protein alone tastes pretty grainy but with some fruit it's fine.

Hemp seeds on the other hand taste great. Kind of a nutty flavor. Great
for making milk, shakes, on top of salads etc...

What stores (in Canada) would sell hemp protein powder?

ttt 4 stores ned