Anyone Try Windows 64 beta?

i know the driver support is shit at the moment but has anyone given it a shot and installed it

does anyone own an AMD64 CPU?

ill try it out when i get in a 64 chip this week had a review but u cant trust advertisment oriented shows all that much at times

i feel mighty sick so if my wording typin or grammer sucks, sorry

I just installed it, man its oots like a mother fuck

its the AMD64 3200 with 1GB DDR 400 and ATI 9600 All In Wonder

picked up all the devices except for teh sound and nic

i gotta go to dinner soon so gonna burn of some benchmarking software and run a few tests in a couple hours

So far so good

I should bring i teh digital cam and take a few pics, well if anyone is interested in seeing them

the OS likes like a cross between XP and 2003 server

Dude post some pics! That be sweet to see how it looks, even better if you post your benchmarks.

ya im on my way back to work, taking the digital cam with me

l8rz for now, well til i get to work and OG from there lol

having some troubles with the benchmarking because futuremark needs media player 9 and when i try to install it stops me saying its only 32bit code

I need to check out the scores at home because i cant get the network card to work to get to their website

i do have some screen shot and shit so ill get that up after with some help 8-)

Thats great, and your a lucky bastard with a AMD 64 chip. I bet you can't wait for Apps to be programmed so that it takes advantage of all that speed.

roc311, i had troubling running benchamrk software

i gotta post it this weekend, when i get a chance, i also got a few screenshots

i dont own it, i sold it to a customer, but i had it for a few days before i called to let him know it was in hehehehehehe


im gonna get one as soon as the prices drop alittle more

TTT for pics.

scott, if i send ya the pics well ya post them for me

Sure. Use "OG" as the subject line, so I don't accidently delete it as spam.

sweet, its on its way dude

fuck, should have taken pics of the CPU and Board


sorry, but i was playing to much and forgot

thankx scott buddy

The only reason I haven't installed it yet is because graphics drivers are causing both ati and nvidia cards to lose around 30% performance. This will definately change for the better by the time it's retail but it's very much a beta atm.

"Windows XP 64-Bit Preview: First Look at Athlon 64 Performance

In case you missed the news, Microsoft has just released a public preview of XP 64-bit. Microsoft officially calls the new Operating System the "Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems". The Customer Preview can be downloaded for free or ordered on CD for a fee at the 64-bit Edition website. The CDs will not ship until mid-February, but the free 420MB download version is available NOW. We couldn't wait to download the preview of the new OS and run an Athlon 64 through some benchmarks."

I envy you with that system. Bastard. LOL

I stopped being excited about those previews when NT-5 came out.

There needs to be more apps designed for it.