Anyone Try Windows 64 beta?

its coming

Intel has to use some AMD tech muhahaha


I just built my first system: 64 3400+ 1 gig RAM on a ASUS K8V and it's working

Damn my typing sucks! Anyway its working fine, but I'm not much ogf a techie, should I go with the 64 bit windows or would I be better off waiting?


nice, how do u find ur AMD64 3400 so far

i got one ordered in so should have it this week

memy, i would say wait for another little bit, maybe dual boot it for shits and giggles

but over all id wait on the XP 64 just for the driver and Appz sake

I got a AMD 3400 1GB Ram 9800XT to play with tomorrow

I was reading that Gentoo Linux and a few others can take advantage of a AMD 64 chip, but I'm unaware if the software takes advantage of it. You could always in theory (in open source world) get the source and reprogram it for 64 bit, but that is beyond my abilities. TTT

Linux had a 64bit OS for awhile now, they just had to rewrite some code for the AMD64 got lots of info and drivers for the Win XP 64

anyone ever hear of a release date for XP 64