Anyone use a DE razor to shave?

I went shopping for snacks yesterday! (I’m a procrastinator)

Watch the mail…

Also is it hot there? Should I avoid chocolate?

I have used this for about a year. I love it.


Agreed 100%

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I use a Merkur and an Edwin Jagger regularly with zero problem. I bought a Parker because I liked the butterfly design, and I eventually had to retire the razor. It was like shaving with a weed whacker - brutal. No change in technique, 5 different blade brands, hard soap and shave gel, nothing mattered. I was walking around like a dildo with those little toilet paper squares coagulated to my neck.


I kind of agree with you but something recommended on here a while back Cremo has been amazing. I use some of little blob of that with cheap 2 blade razors. All razors aren’t the same though. I’ve bought a lot of brands, off brands, and there is a difference. When I find a good cheap razor I stack up. A really good one is from Lidl, I don’t remember the name but it was like a razor with 20 blades for like $5 a year or so ago, I still have more than 10 blades left and it works great. Dollar General has/had some decent ones also. I bought some really nice looking disposables from Burlington and my head/face felt destroyed after every shave.

I do have some DE and straight razors as well as some Gillette/Schick brand ones but I like buying the ones that have cheap refills. The DE and straight razors I never took seriously since they were more of a time waster with using special foaming soaps, a brush and then having to be extra careful. I like shaving as fast as I can and getting it over with, I don’t enjoy having to waste my time shaving.

After I shave I either splash some cologne/perfume (similar to using an aftershave but regular perfume/cologne) on my face to get that burn or use an after shave lotion/balm that I get from perfume sets that I’m usually gifted, depends on time of year, in summer when my skin isn’t dry I go the cologne route usually, in winter when the skin is dry I go the lotion route.

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It is hot as the devil’s ball sack down here right now. It’s super kind of you to send me a Canadian care package! I’m happy to Venmo you some virtually worthless American currency if you’d like. Thanks so much for being willing to do this.

I use Defender razor blades, the best I’ve ever used. Their handle has kind of a weird shape to it, but it’s non-slip at least. I also really like Cremo shave cream. Between the two, I no longer suffer any razor burn, which used to be horrible for me.

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Nah man. Once or twice e a year I like to send out Canadian care packages. It makes me feel good to spread Canadian joy through delicious sugary and/or salty snacks.

Just pay it forward sometime and that’s good for me.

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You are a mensch, King Trav. May your first child be a masculine child…

I love Canadian bacon, just saying.

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How hard was it to get good at the razor. I use de now but am thinking about the straight razor.

Thanks for the tip here, just ordered a bunch of blades.

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there have been shit tons of very long threads about DE,wet shave, soaps, etc,

i used a DE for a long time parker, merckur, etc. mainly used feather blades.

i shaved with a cut throat too.

i forgot if i have the 5 blade fusion or hydro - i think its the hydro

either way shave way better than a de or straight razor

still use silver tip badger brush and the og’s own gunslinger shave soap