Anyone use a mask with an air fan?

I am interested in getting on of those masks that has a battery powered fan and heap filter for long flights. I want fresh cool air blowing to my face if I have to wear a mask for hours.

Did you get one? How did it work out? What did you buy and how much?

My son wears a fresh air mask at work (auto painter). His is self contained which is what I believe you are after. He paid about $1500 for his.

He isnt getting on a plane with a scba setup. Not happening.

My wife ordered these inserts for mask that are made to assist your breathing while working out and wearing a mask. I’ll ask her where she got them. They are reusable, unlike all surgical mask. They give you a bit more breathing room why still holding a seal

I was hoping to get something for 100, that with a hepa filter and battery life of 5 hours minimum

Didn’t even think about the getting on a plane part, you are likely correct.

As far as regular masks, I wore an N95 mask daily for years, usually 12 hour days. Very physical work, never had any issues breathing, and nothing special added. Other than way too damn many classes about wearing masks properly.


I have one. We are required to be masked at all times at work. The fan really helps. Unfortunately the material that seals against your skin isn’t really comfortable so I don’t wear it a lot. Instead I sit there and breath through N95s all day which is a bag of shit.

Me and @InCogneeto rock this setup

download (14)


OP will feel at home with this mask

Wrong. I wear an N95 resp mask and a pair of MMA gloves.


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She looks at me like she wants me to call her out on her statement.
I would be happy to oblige.

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I thought this was just about head gear…I would have mentioned the mma gloves and knee pads had I known

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Knee pads are for wimps…and guys that like being on their knees a lot.

#Not judging.

Don’t tell me, you’re the one that wears them

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You want pics I bet? Is this what you look like when you see such pics:

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This is the vast majority of the OG. They’re too retarded to put a mask on. That’s why they hate them so much.

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Those are the people you’re listening to lol