Anyone use betonline? Had issue?

I've been betting through a friends 5dimes account for over a year now including when I went on that epic run I documented last year. For whatever reason they don't allow me to deposit and withdraw with my card and they allow him so it's been easier for me to do that. I send him a text asking for the lines, tell him my picks and he puts them in. During my runs I throw him some money from my winnings for doing me the favor. I deposited money last Saturday, and hit on 6 of 7 fights, getting only the nover pick wrong Then I hit on nba games from Sunday and Monday, since Tuesday my friend hasn't returned any of my calls or texts and I've missed out on 13 games I would've hit on out of 17 I would've bet on. Anyway, obviously I need another option to bet with. I signed up to betonline and I've been trying to make a deposit for 5 hours now, first they said it was my bank... The bank said they never even got a request, but would lift any restrictions on my card, the site said to try again in an hour and again it's declined.... There's more than enough in the account... My question is, if it's this hard to put in money is it a bitch to get out?

After a day of them telling me the bank wasn't working I tried money order today, they fucked around for a few hours finally said they were processing... Then said it won't be processed till tomorrow. 


I'm picked santos, fielder, felder via ko, markos, panzinibo, and taleb goes to decision


havent been able to get in touch with my friend and can't use this account yet... Fuck my life. 


Lombard and Lewis will get w's 


Talked to another friend and I'm gonna open a 5 dimes through him and have the login info through my email. Give him 10% of my withdrawals.