Anyone use Bowflex dumbbells (or knockoff brand)?

My 8th grader wanted to start "lifting" so I'm working out with him 3 days a week in my basement.  I have an olympic bar and weights, rack with pulley, and a smaller straight bar that he's making good progress on, but I have zero dumbbells.

People used to beg you on Craigslist to take their gym equipment away for free, but with COVID they think it’s gold, so I can’t find anything.  I still see the Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells available online, and they look very cool but they’re $350 fucking dollars.

Should I suck it up and get them or wait it out until things get back to normal.


Ive had a set of powerblocks beating around my truck for 15 years. they are awesome, and im pretty sure I get more on my powerblocks than the bowflex can take.

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I have the Ironmaster dumbbells. They are nice. 

Found this on Amazon for $135:

I had some at my old workplace that I used often.  They worked well.  Only downside was the length of them.  

That price doesn't seem to bad. I think I paid the same for the same ones prior to pandemic. Love them but don't really have anything to compare them to other than individual weights. 


I use Powerblocks.

I have the powerblocks with the 90 pound add on kit, love them

Costco has them for sale in stores with the stand for $350.  I believe they are the 552 model.  They sell out quickly 

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Found this on Amazon for $135:

Yeah, I was thinkng of going that route, but I'd need the 100lb version which is $230.

Still better than the Bowflex.

I’ll look around to see if I can find Powerblocks

Holy shit, I just checked amazon. I bought my powerblocks right as covid started forcing shutdowns. They are currently almost 500 dollars more than I paid for them. Insanity.

Check facebook marketplace and craigs list

I have those exact ones, they work just fine.

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pfsjkd -

Found this on Amazon for $135:

Yeah, I was thinkng of going that route, but I'd need the 100lb version which is $230.

Still better than the Bowflex.

I’ll look around to see if I can find Powerblocks

We have power blocks at work and they’re ok, but not great for really dynamic movements like snatches or swings. But that’s a minor drawback. Obviously, hex dumbbells are the gold standard but you’re gonna pay thru the nose for them. On the other hand, they’ll last you a lifetime. 

I have the bow flex dumbbells.  They do just fine. They can’t take getting dropped and you can’t lean on them to do push-up/row combos but that’s really the only limit.   


they’re bigger than regular dumbbells so you occasionally hit your legs doing curls.  But they do the job and you can get a good workout.  

Love the blowflex dumbbells. Very versatile and a big space saver. I recommend them 

I’ve used to have the bow flex ones  but I sold them for 300 and currently have adjustable ones that are like a knockoff brand but I got them pre Covid for like $50 with a bench off Facebook market. 


the bow flex had a better mechanism for adjusting, which was a knob which the new one seems to be a spring loaded type. The bow flex were built better but in the end it’s the same shit. The both weight the same. The current ones are metal so they make a bit of noise when my using them. 

I have adjustable dumbbells that hold Olympic-sized weights, the handles rotate so they’re essentially mini one handed barbells so you can snatch and clean them pretty easily. Pretty much the only kettlebell movement you can’t do with them is the swing. 

I love my son, but DAMN he picked a bad time to get interested in lifting!

I have a gym membership so I workout there, but I may have to cancel that if it’s going to cost me so much to buy fucking dumbbells.

Who knew weights and ammo would be worth so much…

Love my bow flex dumbbells. Had them for like 15 years now and still work flawlessly. Not cheap, they’re big, and can’t bang or drop them but they have paid for themselves many times over.

Get the stand. Picking 90 pounds off the floor got old fast.