Anyone use Melatonin to sleep?

If so, did it help? What dose did you take?

I've used it every night for years and it works wonders. I think the dose is 10mg

Cool thanks. I have 3 mg pills. Maybe I should take two?

Had to.make my girlie stop taking it. It was increasing her mood swings :-/ Phone Post

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wrongaboutVitali - Cool thanks. I have 3 mg pills. Maybe I should take two?

1 3mg should work if you just started taking them but I don't think taking 2 would hurt anything. i've never had any side effects

I'm considering it, but my lack of sleep is cause by prescriptions stimulants i take some mornings so it kind of makes me uneasy. I don't think there is anything about melatonin that might cause an adverse reaction, but you know, uppers, downers, elvis. Not something I've been comfortable with.

If anyone is in a similar boat and has no problems, lemme know!

Sometimes when I try to sleep I can't rest my mind.  Does melatonin help with lack of sleep due to stress/anxiety?  Does it relax your mind?


Sometimes take it with 5-htp, and sometimes by it's self.

Works well and 3mg is plenty to start with.

Get ready for some fucked up Trippy dreams Phone Post

I've taken it many times, but usually not for more than a couple of weeks. It helps me adjust my sleep-schedule, but sometimes I feel like it reduces the quality of sleep a little bit. I usually take them when suffering from jet-lag or something similar, where I can basically choose between 8 hours of acceptable sleep, or 2-3 hours of ordinary sleep.

I worked graveyard shift for years and it helped a ton. It made it easier for me to sleep. I took 3 mg for years never noticed side effects or trippy dreams. Only problem i would have is if something woke me up I had an even harder time falling back to sleep. But that could just have been because it was mid afternoon.

I find the problem with melatonin is that while it works fast, it doesn't work long.

To remedy this I 1) take a generic Benadryl an hour before I intend to sleep, 2) take half of a 3mg melatonin, and 3) if I wake up with more than 3 hours of my alarm I immediately take the other half. Phone Post 3.0

I swear by it.

Totally regular sleep patterns, don't feel hazy in the morning (usually in bed around 10-11, up at 5:35) Phone Post

excessive use will lead to retinal damage. look it up.

here and there is fine but everything in moderation.

enzoamore - DON'T DO IT!!!

It will ruin your sleep and you won't wake up feeling any better since it disrupts certain stages but puts you deeper into other stages of sleep

And taking 10mg is simply retarded for a first time user. It's way too much.

If you take it say good bye to regular sleep pattersn

I've been using it the past week in an effort to fix my sleep cycle. No idea what you're talking about, I go into a deep ass sleep and wake up refreshed the next morning.

Sub'd for reference.

I've been considering trying melatonin and/or 5htp. Kind of leaning towards the 5htp. Phone Post 3.0

I got a bottle of 5mg Melatonin and it knocked my ass out. I would use it once a week or so, basically when I couldn't sleep but couldn't be late to work the next more b/c of sleeping in. The 5mg seriously would knock me out and make it difficult to wake up the next morning, so when I finished that I got a bottle of 3mg, and that works for me. I like the 3mg b/c it usually works, but if it doesn't then I feel comfortable taking a second since it's still under the doses of other Melatonin companies (some are 8mg and up). I use it pretty rarely (maybe once a month or so), but when I need it I know it's there and it helps

Best combo I have found is one 3mg melatonin (and sometimes even less, such as half a tablet) combined with HALF (no more than this) an advil PM. Together, this puts me out and keeps me asleep. Next day I feel pretty much normal. I won't say I wake up feeling super refreshed, with a spring in my step ready to take on the world. That, however is because I never feel like that anyway. I am not a morning person, at all.

Anyhoo, using only melatonin will, in my experience, put you to sleep but you may very well wake up a few hours later and be unable to get back to sleep.

Using only advil PM (benadryl/diphenhydramine) in a sufficient enough dose (1+ full tablets) will usually put you out and keep you out, but you will be quite groggy the next day. The recommended does of 2 pills is insane to me. You'd have to sleep 16 hours to not end up a complete zombie.

So, a little of each together has a maximizing effect, IMO.