Anyone use Razer laptops?

My current Dell XPS 13 is a pretty good mixture of power/portability but it can't play modern games worth a damn due to it's shitty graphics card. The thing is also going on 4 years old.

Currently thinking about picking up a 2016 Razer Blade. Shitty battery life is the only downside that I've heard of which doesn't bother me at all since I'm never far from my charger.

Looks are also important to me since I'll be using this laptop at work as my main computer (work as an accountant/IT guy). With a skin covering the snake logo, this thing would look pretty slick.

Anyone that own one care to share their opinions on it? Phone Post 3.0

Name means nothing, need specs. Phone Post 3.0

Do they all have the same specs? Phone Post 3.0

Clarence Parents - Do they all have the same specs? Phone Post 3.0
Yeah. Only thing you can modify is the size of the ssd. Phone Post 3.0

Yea, I use Brazzers all the time.

There are better ones out there, but it's really a matter of what your looking to spend.

Check out to start, and post how much money you're comfortable spending.

There were a couple more companies that I remember being slightly cheaper than digital storm with comparable components, but I'll have to search for them. Also, they run a really good sale during the Black Friday season every year, so don't pull the trigger just yet. Phone Post 3.0

i have never touched there laptops. i have used many razer products and would suggest avoiding the company. there quality control is shit. for everyone that gets a great p[roduct that works grea you will find another person that one a product that just breaks and falls apart.

the customer service from this company is shit. they really think they are perfect and can do no wrong. any issue they try to blame on you. i stopped using any product by them