Anyone used Elixir Strings?

They cost three times as much as the other brands, but say that
they have much longer life. Is it three times the normal life? And
do they break three times less often?

They are no stronger in my experience, but they do resist tone death due to corrision and build up of dirt and skin . They sound new longer, but I like the sound of new D'Addario's better, even if it fades a bit sooner.

Thanks guys.

I can't bring myself to pay that much for a set of
strings, especially at the rate I go through them
I've really been digging the Dean Markley Blue Steels

It's funny, I love the sound of DR bass strings, but they are the only strings that I've ever had a string "unwind" on. The wrap simply got loose on the core. Ever had any problems with them,CK?

I'll chek 'em out.