Anyone visit Cobra Kai?

Just curious how the reception is for drop ins etc. visiting Vegas.

look in the florida state forum in the Copa thread, i think a guy in there was talking about about going.


You don't visit Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai visits you.

i dropped in and they were very nice

Does John Kreese still teach there?

I dropped in without notice. Everyone ruled.

Did fear exist in that dojo?

Great Instructors and Sim Go and Scott B are super cool

everyone was really cool...Laimon was very nice and actually teaches classes and brings in great guys (marcelo,drysdale,bill cooper, jeff glover, etc.)..Sim Go, Scott Bieri, Sonny, and the rest of the upper belts were nice...definitely woth stopping by.

dropped by to roll a few years back and everyone was very cool.

Everyone there is super cool.

They even have multiple gigantic signs out front that say "VISITORS WELCOME"!

Your kidding about the signs right?

No not kidding about the signs.

It's so big you can see it from Cheetahs

 I have dropped in and every single person is awesome.