Anyone wanna buy a 60 rogue/lock?

rogue is a NE with most of tier 1 except shoulders, pants and bracers. Has Gutgore Ripper and Brutality Blade (just for giggles). All attunements except Naxx

Gnome is in a raiding guild and has tier 2 legs with tier 1 bracers and belt. Rest are just blues. The guild will never know if this character changes hands so you could stay in it till you have full tier 2. Right now I am in the dkp lead for the next tier 2 drop anyhow. MC/BWL attunements are done. Need drak's blood (UBRS run) to finish Ony attunement and that's only if I don't finish it first. After tonight he will only need a DM run to complete epic mount.

Both chars are transferable, although I would keep the lock guilded for a few weeks and go to some raids to finish getting his gear. Most of the other locks have it so alot of gear defaults to you. There's also a whole assortment of other toons from 20-40 scattered throughout. Gnome is a 300enchanter/256 weaponsmith. Rogue is 300 miner/300 gnomish engineer

First person to 300 bucks wins. I will send the original disks as well.

I thought you could transfer them to anywhere. PvE or PvP. Yeah, I'm out of wow. The expansion doesn't really interest me that much. I may play Vanguard wen it gets released, but more than likely I will just return to my FPS roots and shoot people in the face. I'm back to heavy lifting cycles so it takes up even more of my time. Now if only I could find some decent roids and some zombie pee, the world would be perfect.

I just read it. Looks like it can't be transferred to a pvp realm. So you will have to play the 20 something lock that's already on the horde side there. If they're smart, they'll just stick around on this server for awhile since they're already in a raiding guild.

that kind of sucks. At one point I was intending to move a character to my other account and then move it to FW. I thought you could xfer them to anywhere. Either way, still a good account for someone who wants to do end game content without the hassleof levelling to 60.

300??? Ahhahah, do people actually pay that kind of money?!

If no OG wants I will finish out their gear and dump em on ebay right at xmas time.

Serious question - could you really get 300 dollars for tha? Is that how much characters with that much gear usually go for?

I'd like to know too, because that's just unreal to me. Apart from the laziness (like isn't part of the fun GETTING to 60th level?!), that kind of cash... It's like a brand new current video card.

depends on your server really. Chars on mine go for an assload becuase it's a very high pop server. Part of the fun is getting to 60, but most people who don't have time to raid or cant get a raid just buy em to have a geared character more than anything. They move em to their account and have friends petition against the name to change it

The name doesn't even have to be offensive. If it's reported enough times they will request you change it.

Also alot of people buy one account to powerlevel their own toon then resell the account. Alot of the ones you see on ebay cant be transferred for that reason. Some of those have been in many different hands.

"If it's reported enough times they will request you change it."

Common rumor, untrue in practice (in my experience).

"untrue in practice"

In other MMO's you are correct. In WoW, you are not. I've seen it and helped do it 3 or 4 times myself.

So I could buy a new account with the same last name, address, other contact stuff...xfer over one of my 60s to it, sell it, kill the credit card on the account, give whoever bought it the login?


The paid character transfer is not immediate and will take several days to complete because of the approval process involved. Your character will NOT be available for play during this time.
Honor rankings will continue to decay at the normal rate while the character is locked.
Each character you transfer costs $25.00. This covers the character's ONE-WAY TRANSFER to a new realm, a new account, or both at the same time.
Your character will not have any guild affiliation upon arrival at the destination realm.
Each character may only transfer once every three months.
You will need to rename your character if his/her name is taken on your destination realm.
Characters on a PvE or RP realm may not transfer to a PvP or RP-PvP realm.
If you already have a character on a PvP realm, you may not transfer a character of the opposing faction to that PvP realm.
Character transfers between accounts are subject to restrictions. Click here to learn more.
For a list of eligible and ineligible destination realms, please click here.

Reeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee llllly??? Anyone wanna buy a 60 warrior with Champion gear, TUF w/crusader, and epic mount?

shit i wish you would have offered before i levelled my warr, would have saved me the grind to 60

Sorry dude. :( I've really started to get the hang of PvPing with my shaman and I see why so many of em suck and how it can really be an overpowered class. Guess it just took PvPing a lot with a warrior and creating a few other classes to figure it out. Think I'm gonna keep my shaman my main. Only gripe is how much fucking water I have to drink. I drink like a mage. :)

so if you buy an account on WoW what is the proper way to transfer everything to your name so that you dont get busted?

also does anyone know the list of possible secret questions?