Anyone want a black VULKAN gi?

 I purchased this black VULKAN BJJ gi but after it's first use I found the jacket is just too big for me. Used once, washed once.  Size is A4

If someone from the underground wins I'll ship it free.

Here's a link

Or you can copy and paste if you like...

I already put this on the Atama BJJ page but I figured WTF.


bet you thouhgt you were bad...wearing a black gi and all...akuma

^ I started it at about half price of a new one.

Ok I just lowered the starting price.

I better win this!

^ You just might I think your the only bidder

^ what are you talking about?

bhealthy - does it ha the earholes?


...can't shrink it enough to make it fit?

 LOL @ Akuma.

Eric Schafer - I better win this!

Never! I will do a snipe bid at the last second, and win this.


RamK - ...can't shrink it enough to make it fit?

LOL it's 100% Pre-Shrunk Gi


that's a lot of money for a used, second hand GI ??

thebasher - that's a lot of money for a used, second hand GI ??

but its black and slightly faded!

Allready have one in Stone wash denim.

Squared Circle -  

Yep it's a black vulkan!


It's still less than half price of a brand new one.