Anyone want the phone number to scam call center?

These dickbags just called me saying they are from the Social Security Administration. Thick Indian accents and got really nasty when I called them on their bullshit.

If anyone is bored and wants to fuck with these scumbags here’s the number 914-301-6622

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They usually don’t answer calls do they?

Called back twice to curse them out again cause I’m bored and got two different people.

Give it a whirl.

Don’t they usually spoof their numbers so the real number doesn’t show on caller ID? It’s pretty simple to do.

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I think there are sites out there that will call numbers too… so you could spam em.

Yeah, I doubt this call center is in Katonah, NY. However it must route to them as I was able to get someone twice.

Someone spoofed my cell number for their scam & I was getting angry calls back & was telling the people they were stupid to think I was the one calling them.

Thank you! It’s kinda fun messing with them. I once spent my whole morning messing with them while I was working at the same time.

They tried the whole buy me a gift card routine. I told them the store was at least an hour away. They stayed on the phone with me while I just played a YouTube video of a car driving while I got some work done.

I usually don’t spend that much time/effort. But I was really bored that day.

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