Anyone want to buy a WoW account?

Yes I went from buying one to selling one lol. It's cheap though. Or I'll trade it... it's whatevs I just don't want all these toons to go to waste. 

This account has:

84 Shaman

82 Pally

81 Warrior

80 Mage 

80 Rogue 

80 Priest

76 Hunter

73 Druid

80 Pally on another server

74 Mage on another server lol

The toons have goodies and achievements and good mounts and tabards and shit but there is WAY too much to list. 

If you wanna trade I'll think about trading if something on the account catches your eye but I would much prefer $160 bucks for it... that's all. The account is 6 years old day 1 account. I just took the main Shaman off of it and want to part with the toons... has a month left on the account too. If you wanna buy it for $160 and flip it on Playerauctions go right ahead... I've got all the information on it even the cd key

Lee Sin - piggle when are you moving to Cali to win Annabelle back?
Next week?


 My life has been empty without her. :(

I'll keep that in mind lol


All this talk about the past isn't helping me sell this account it is just bringing me down. 

Ann I miss you 

Liar. And I'm sorry I hijacked your thread. At least somebody responded! Phone Post

Well balls 

No buyers for this account and I don't get the love of my life back... 

Tough luck leglockfan

But good news. I have a even better wow account that i am willing to sell you sir

I give to joo for 150 USA money

I know what you're thinking. Too good to be true.

Get at me son

 Haha I don't want to buy I want to sell... I peeled a shaman off this account and I have no use for these other toons